Waste & Recycling Projects

Waste & Recycling Projects


Complete waste processing infrastructure to receive, contain, process, separate & divert your waste and recycling streams.

Over 25 years of experience supplying waste and recycling equipment, both Australia wide and internationally. Wastech have extensive industry knowledge coupled with state of the art equipment that will save you both time and money.

Whether it’s general waste, cardboard, plastic/polystyrene or e-waste, Wastech has a solution for your site. With coverage Australia wide, our Major Projects Team is able to tailor solutions for all unique sites to save on costs, while promoting a sustainable future.

3D CAD Design

A perfect preview of your site

Want to see what your transfer station or sorting system is going to look like before it’s built? Wastech offers 3D concept design and advice that enables you to design your site with the best standards and efficiencies in mind.

From moving floor pits and conveyor fed systems to complete transfer stations and large scale sorting facilities, Wastech has the expertise to construct a perfect rendering of your facility.

Material Recovery Facilities

Designed to suit your budget

Wastech provides a solution to all sorting facility requirements from full system design and installation to improving and retrofitting current systems.

Catering for all product types and volumes, Wastech will work with you to design an efficient and effective system that meets your requirements on all levels. From manual picking lines to fully automated systems, Wastech will get your product sorted.

Commercial and Industrial (C&I)

No matter where your material stream originates from – whether it’s factories, restaurants, distribution centres, retail shops or other, our experienced design team will collaborate with you to interpret the best equipment and system layout to recover valuable commodities in your Commercial and Industrial (C&I) system.

Construction & Demolition (C&D)

Our Construction and Demolition (C&D) recycling systems are built to last and built to perform, even under the harshest conditions. Processing C&D requires extremely resilient equipment- we step up to the plate offering the industry the most durable conveyors and equipment.

Co-Mingled Recycling

CP Group was one of the first to engineer and manufacture kerbside recyclable recycling systems. We have been recognised for decades as the leader in kerbside waste recycling technology, setting standards and raising the bar on performance and efficiency across the globe.


Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste. With new technologies emerging each day; outdated computers, mobile phones, monitors and laptops are being discarded and are ready for “end-of-life management”.

Municipal Solid Waste & Waste to Energy

We provide the most advanced systems and equipment in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sector. Our equipment is designed for durability and ruggedness to meet the demands of this application. It is field-proven to provide maximum throughput, recovery rates and end-product quality.

Transfer Stations

The Complete Solution

Wastech are leaders in concept design, manufacture and installation of Transfer Station Systems to suit all waste types, throughputs and geographical challenges. From open top skips in small regional areas, to high throughput compactors and waste balers for busy metropolitan facilities, Wastech have a solution for all client specific requirements.

S4000 Waste Compactor

This tough compactor for small to medium sized transfer station applications is designed to cater for throughput volumes up to 320m³/hr. Compatible with all feed types including push pit, moving floor, conveyor and front-end loader.
Constructed from high tensile steel the S4000 is built to withstand high compaction force so you gain maximum payloads and reduced freight cost. With a clear top opening and chamber volume of 4m³ the S4000 can accept large product loads. Compatible with 31-60m³ containers and transfer trailers
the S4000 comes with its own stand alone hydraulic power pack and oil cooler.

S8000 & S9000 Waste Compactors

The biggest compactor of its type on the market for medium to large sized transfer stations. Designed to cater for high through-put volumes of up to 480m3/hr. Compatible with all feed types including moving floor, push pit, conveyor and front-end loader.
Constructed from high tensile steel the S8000X is built to withstand high compaction force so you can gain maximum payloads and reduced freight cost. With its generous clear top opening and a chamber volume of 8.0m³ the S8000X can accept large product loads.
Compatible with 60m³ transfer trailers and comes with its own stand alone hydraulic power pack and oil cooler.

Transfer Trailers

The Wastech ‘Clearline’ rolled wall body design provides greater durability and integral strength to withstand the high compaction forces from waste transfer station applications. The Clearline Trailer is built to withstand the high piercing forces during compaction of industrial type wastes.
This Wastech designed trailer incorporates the use of high tensile steel plate in the body, reducing tare weight and increasing payload. Additionally, the seamless internal walls along with the hydraulic eject blade, safely and efficiently ejects the waste load at landfill.

Bin change over systems

Are you sick of waiting for the hook lift truck to arrive to change over the compactor bins? By using Wastech’s purpose built, semi-automated bin change over system, it removes the need to rely on a truck arriving when you need it quickly.

The system greatly reduces the bin change over time, on-site labour, and allows your site to keep receiving waste rather than halting operations until the bin is emptied and returned. Suitable for most bin configurations from sizes 12-60m3.

Moving floors

Moving floors are an efficient and cost effective means of moving large volumes of waste in receival pits. They are designed to replace the outdated and often dangerous means of moving product in a pit via push blade, dozer or front end loader.

Wastech Moving Floors are hydraulically powered and floor speeds can be varied to suit high throughputs during peak loading periods.

Other Systems

De-packaging systems

The Turbo Separator has been developed to remove products from their packaging, releasing them for recycling or disposal. Through a combination of centrifugal forces, self-generated air flow and mechanical action, up to 99% of dry or liquid materials can be removed from their packaging. When compared with other methods of packaging separation, the Turbo Separator achieves higher separation efficiencies with lower power consumption which results in reduced running costs.

Horizontal balers

Horizontal balers are an ideal solution for crushing and compacting larger volumes of waste. The machines’ side-mounted cylinders easily crush cardboard and plastic, compacting the waste into neat bales of up to 1500kg, model dependent.

Crushing and Screening

Wastech Engineering is pleased to represent Pilot Crushtec International in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Pilot Crushtec is South Africa’s leading supplier of quarrying, mining and glass crushing equipment and offers a range of process solutions, including: Pilot Crushtec is Southern Africa’s leading supplier of quarrying and mining equipment and was founded in 1990. Since then it has expanded the range to include jaw crushers, cone crushers, vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers, horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crushers, screens, conveyors, lighting towers and dust suppression systems.