B3 Baler

B3 Baler

Ideal for when space is limited.

The B3 is one of the smallest balers in our machine programme. With a very small base area and a 230V connection, it is easy to locate.

To ensure the chamber is not overloaded, the B3 is equipped with a full-indicator which flashes when the baler is full, and the press plate stays down.

Furthermore the baling process is simplified as the straps can be pulled directly through the main door.

  • Simple and safe operation. Green light blinks when chamber is full.
  • Easy to replace strap rolls. They are placed in front.
  • Compact design. Offering low overall height.


Simple control panel equipped with easy to follow instructions.

White starp rolls in the baler

The strap rolls are easy to replace in front of the machine.

narrow pallet jack for baler

The baler is easy to move using a narrow pallet jack.

Baler Strapping Tape

Wastech supply genuine Bramidan Baler parts and accessories which includes the recommended Baler Strapping Tape / Twine to suit the entire Bramidan Baler range.

Order tape direct from us today!

Technical Specifications

Press Force (t) 3
Power Supply 1 x 230V 50Hz 10A
Motor (kW) 1.1
Noise Level (dB) 65-68
Cycle Time (sec) 26
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 845 x 745 x 1965
Weight (kg) 310
Filling Opening WxH (mm) 700 x 460
Filling Height (mm) 755
Chamber Height (mm) 1100
Stroke (mm) 550
Bale Size WxDxH (mm) 700 x 500 x 650
Bale Weight Cardboard (kg) 30-50
Bale Weight Plastic (kg) 40-60


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B3 Baler

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About Our Partner Bramidan

Bramidan waste and cardboard balers are recognised throughout Europe as one of the best waste and paper baler solutions for their immaculate design and quality. We stock a broad range of Vertical Balers to compact and bale waste, cardboard, plastic and polystyrene.

Contact us to discuss your needs and industry with our expert advisors who can help you choose the best waste or paper baler for your requirements.

The environmental and economic benefit of a recycling baler.

A recycling baler is a wise investment with both environmental and economic benefits.

Baling of waste and recyclables with a quality waste and cardboard bailer reduces the on site storage space required prior to collection and reduces transport costs for removal.Baling of recyclables with our exclusive balers also helps your industry divert waste from landfills promoting a sustainable future for business and all stake holders.

So for a better waste solution, contact Wastech today – we offer a comprehensive range of quality waste and cardboard balers as well as other waste management equipment such as waste chutes and compactors for a complete waste solution and a healthier world. Servicing the whole of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.